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Cassie is very responsive and it is noticeable she takes a lot of pride in her business. She has helped me outa few times when I needed cans unexpectedly. If you are in construction, you know how valuable communication and quick turnaround is… Cassie always excels in both. She is a great partner to our business, Rinaldi Roofing. I continue to recommend her to clients, friends, and family!

Matthew Rinaldi

I was driving through hectic Providence today when I saw a hand waving me to go first. Not too many people do that nowadays. Once I noticed the hand waiving, I then noticed this infectious smile 😃. I thought what a great person! At this point, I didn’t notice what she was driving. Then, at the next intersection, there she was… Smiling! If I ever need a porta-potty. She is the woman that I will call. I just know it will be a pleasure! PEOPLE… SMILE OFTEN! Take note of the little things in life.

Jackie C.

Letty Cass

We used Cassie’s Cans for our wedding this past weekend. Really amazing service and impeccable restrooms. Definitely recommend!

Letty Cass

These are by far the cleanest and best-smelling porta can out there.

Jon Ibbotson

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cassie's cans media
cassie's cans media
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